Ceramics and Other Work

Cup Factory, a mobile studio for casting, glazing and firing Marcellus clay cups.
Cups are given away during a weekly morning coffee event. 

Handouts printed from info on the 'Links' page of this site hang on the front of the Factory.

When cups aren't being worked on, the Factory displays sample items which
demonstrate the process, from rock to cup

Cups being cast in plaster molds

Samples clay and glaze experiments, successes and failures, under the work station.

Glaze and slip made from Marcellus clay

Glaze and slip from Marcellus clay

Two pieces of greenware were stacked during this firing.
The one on top sealed the space between the two cups,
creating an environment in the kiln where part of the top cup
was being fired in reduction (without oxygen) within an electric
kiln (firing in oxidation - with oxygen), causing the bottom of the top
cup to bloat. The top cup's upper section was broken off, exposing
the interior section of the bloat.

Interior of half-bloated nested cups

Home kiln firing of greenware

Home kiln firing to bisque

Demonstration of shrinkage. The foam cup on the left was used to make the plaster molds
for the cups. Next to it is a cast piece of greenware, then that greenware fired to bisque, and
at the end, glaze fired.

A wheel-thrown bowl that grew a bloated foot in the kiln

The bloat pushed through the interior of the bowl as well

Drawings made with Marcellus clay slip.

A fired rock

Another fired rock

Fired and glazed rocks, kiln fused together

Experiment in fusing rock shards to make a form

Experiment in fusing rock shards to make a form

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