Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter 1: Catskill Red Shale

This is typical of the part of Fallsburg I've been working in for the past year. Roads and driveways often sit directly on top of the bedrock stone. 

The most common rock types in the area are bluestone and a reddish shale.  

When side-by-side, the blue sandstone takes on a bright green.

The shale - it's violet, pink, maroon, brick, brown and orange.

Puddles after a storm are blood red. As they evaporate, a dark red clay silt remains.
Shale = silt stone. These puddles were the prime places to hunt for clay. It was a frustrating process - there just were too few puddles. Instead, I decided to try to refine mud collected by red shale outcrops . Three 5-gallon buckets of mud traveled back to Philly with me. 

This was the beginning. The next step: refining.  

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